Thursday, June 18, 2009

utk si dia..

When I write I understand dat
my words & my ideas are not new *i dun think so*

First of all..Dat nothin' is foreva & dat my
words will eventually fade from all
who encounter them & will leave
this world for no one to find.

My writing is the experience dat i hv.

I seek to understand what
bubbles inside of me ..seriously its true..

What no one can see &
yet all may perceive...

The chemical whirlpool within
that will one day leave this world
only to be recalled to sing again...
but not as I was - I will be gone.

But I write so dat I may understand
No one else can do this for me
No one else can understand these feelings
urges desires fears & loathings.

No one can live my life
nor die my death
& in the end
these words were all that I had
to find the way..

Eventho my eyes is getting likes panda eyes..*sleepy dah ni..*i wrote diz blog for telling y'all my true heart feeling..diz is a way im expressed my feel at diz moment.&&
my own last word for you..

Last but not least, Thanks for everythings && i'll do kept it all the moments as a memories..

Lotsa luv regards; Tasha

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