Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Loving the past. :)

OMG, is nearly year 2010.ohh. suda tua kah aku?hahaha...*ishh x de laah..tasha mude lagi.haha*Year 2009 suda semakin hampir menutup tirai my friends.Theres many memories dat i'ved treasured in year 2009 which hv lovely & bad memories.fuhh for The best memories i'll kept it foreva and the bad memories i'll let it gone..buat ape d kenang2 lg kan?hahaha..

As we knw yr 2009 draws to a close,is only abt 32hours la babe. I’ve decided to forego the usual ritual of a New Year’s resolution. I dun see the point in waiting until 2mrrw to do what u can do today, so I’ve never really been into dat tradition.
Mmg the last few yrs I x celeb pn new yr ni.Im celebrating the new yr infront of my lappy && x pn duk dpn tv saja..hahaha..Lps tu kuar ruma just nk tgk fireworks from bukit!

The Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us :)

I think new year is the hopes and the aspirations, new is the resolution and new are the spirits. Have a promising and fulfilling New Year.Sumpah banyak Memories diz yr okay.

Alright,Before the golden sun sets, 2009’s calendar is destroyed, and mobile networks get jammed, I wish in 2010 every moment is enjoyed
Instead, here is my New Year’s wish list - 10 things that I am hoping for New Year 2010.Which are ;

#1: I want to be a better person & get in touch to My Family, My Love, My Buddies, My Classmates,and other clicks from Germany(Katrin Rupert) & Japan (Nao Takayama)*Tasha & the family will alwys missing you*Bilaa lagi kamu mahu dtg Malaysia huh? hehehe...

#2: I resolve not to purchase items on an impulse. X moh boros2 sgt. Tasha kena berjimat cermat.hohoho. bolehkah? ;p

#3: I wish to grad on time. InsyaAllah. X saba mahu naik stage n hold my scroll. X)

#4: I resolve that, when asked how I know that last night was the full moon, I will tell the truth, that I saw it.wakakaka.. Okay ini tipuuu...hahaha

#5: I hope my relationship will last foreva.hohoho..*eceh..Gatal naa tasha ni..ishh! ;p* Okayy saya sayang awak! :)

Hmmm..okay, stakat ini saja my list.&& Another 5 list i'll update for nex post!hahaha..

okay chioww..~

Friday, December 25, 2009


rasnye suda lame saya x berbeloging.
ohh mungkin sbb saya busy..last wk I & da family was having holidays at Terengganu.
it was awesome!seronok okay..

HO HO HO merry Christmas to those who celebrating christmas diz yr.
On december laa paling seronok skali..&& u knw what..
End yr sales laah! bershopping sakan laa aku cuti2 ni.
Byk duit abes..huhu..but im satisfied ;)
brg2 yg I nk bli sumenye suda sale! yey!

&&the best thing.
Today i met HIM ♥

Thursday, December 17, 2009

.Tahun Baru.

Salam Maal hijrah to all

Semoga bergantinya tahun ini digantikan olehNYA, Hijrah lah segala keburukan dengan

kebaikan, dosa diganti dengan pahala, kelemahan diganti dengan kekuatan, resah diganti dengan

Semoga kita menjadi insan lebih baik dari tahun lepas yea? InsyaAllah..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hari Bersama Teman.

Smlm sukar utk ku melelapkan mataa..because of what?huh?
Adoii...&& mungkin dsbbkn excited sgt nk jumpe shbt lama..gosh! saye rindu diaa..
Bkn ape..Actually I just nk gather bersama shbt2 yg lain.but..apekan daya..Cuti diorg x same dgn I dgn Ein.Sorry Teja, Anna, Aina, and Mira..kite x de rezeki utk berjumpa. diz yr :(
Btw, i knw, saya dan Ein laah teman yg sentiasa mndapat cuti yg same.ohh mungkin dsbbkn we all ipta && diorg ipts?hadoiii..knp kerajaan x selaraskn je cuti utk student ipta n ipts. Br bahagia...wahahahaha..xpe, next time kite buat reunion lg kay?
btw, today i dgn Ein akn dating berdua saja.hohoho...TP juga d temani oleh adk2 kesygn gue..
waduh2..diorg ni suka ikot Kemana saya pergi.&& ats sbb mereka mahu saya belanja mereka.Ohhh.. ;p

Adk2 kesayangan kuh

Okay.saya sgt seronok harini..nti bole laa meet up 2ghtr lg k?


Monday, December 14, 2009

Chris is back!

okay I mmg sukaa gilaa dgn suara sexy chris brown.
& now, his new album suda release d pasaran.
His new album is Graffiti..his song its really2 amazing and meaningful.
The song is totally awesome i cant even stop listening to it

lagu CRAWL is really touch me.auwww..hahaha

here is the lyric. :)

Everybody sees it's you
I'm the one that lost the view
Everybody says we're through
I hope you haven't said it too

So where
Do we go from here
With all this fear in our eyes
And where
Can love take us now
We've been so far down
We can still touch the sky

Till we crawl
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no wind
So lets crawl, crawl, crawl
Back to love, Yeah
Back to love, Yeah

Why did I change the pace
Hearts were never meant to race
Always felt the need for space
But now I can't reach your face

So where
Are you standing now
Are you in the crowd of my vouch
Love, can't you see my hand
I need one more chance
We can still have it all

If we crawl(if we crawl)
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run (then we'll run)
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no wind
So lets crawl, crawl, crawl
Back to love, Yeah
Back to love, yeaaah

Everybody see's it's you
Well I never wanna lose that view

So we'll crawl (if we crawl)
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no wind
So lets crawl, crawl, crawl

So we'll crawl (ooh)
Till we can walk again (till we can walk again)
Then we'll run (we'll run)
Until we're strong enough to jump (until we're strong enough to jump)
Then we'll fly (then we'll fly)
Until there is no wind
So let's crawl, let's crawl, lets crawl
Back to love
Back to love yeah
Back to love

I think diz song might be an apology for what he has done to Rihanna or whatever, but some ppl fail to realize to accpet it forgive and move on with your life you know but he is really hurting just as much as she is they just need to talk this out more never let go of someone that you can't stop thinking of at all if you love that person keep them but you can't keep them unless they want to be kept tho but i love diz song he is fighting for his love.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

.BBQ time.

Okay. saya tahu mmg lmbt utk post ni. but nvm I nk post jgk.
on 1st december 2009 which means a wk before. i was hd a bbq time with my old friends when i was studied at SKSHAS kl. Diz BBQ time actually is not just a makan2, borak2, shares ceritaa..bergossip itu penting jgk.hehe.Sorry for those yg rase dirinye yg x djemput tu taw.bkn ape it was last minute planning actually.cuz dat day jgk we all nk celeb bday girl.*Fannie*
i knw, diz is a time for merapatkn silaturahim our friendship slameni.these is very awesome.X saba mahu jumpe korg n so on.

On dat day, I tpkse tggu Fannie kat Lrt Bts utk mngambil Bollo n Acea there..i tggu kat sane sbb ape taw..sbb...x tahu jln nk pegi ruma Atq.*kesian kan*eventho ruma Atq xde laa jauh sgt dgn Btr, kang takot sesat pulak, kena laa follow blkg kete fannie.hehehe.

BBQ things sumenye done by Fannie, gune alat die, die jgk tlg marinate kan ayam n so on.
baiknye die..kan?Actually if nk buat bbq ni..kite kena marinate awal kan?br laa sedaapp.
xkn time tu marinate time tu jgk bakar.x berasa laa kan.hehehe.
okay.keje2 mmbakar2 ni kite serahkn kepada laki.diorg sukaa bab2 bakar2 n main api ni..wakakaka..*memandai2 je aku ni*hehe.
xpe, diorg x kesahh bab2 bkr mmbakar ni..cuz smbil mnyelam minum air kan.
means, smbil2 da siap mmbakar sume, diorg bole ngaaap skali kan.waahhh ;)

okay. mereka ialaah..

.Atq. *tuan rumaah taw*
.Safiah. *New family*haha.Aki's Gf
.Didi. *New family jgk* Atiqah's Boyfie

Menu; Ayam, Ikan pari, Udang, Sotong, Hotdog, Nasi goreng, salad, and air asam acea palingg terbaekk!haha.


Bakar arang dlu beb.

Byk lg wey kena bakar.


Tuan Rumah bersame boyfie


Ikan Pari

Bollo. Fannie, Acea, Tasha

Dj bersama adknye Yaya and Ra smpai lmbt.


We had fun!! SAYANG korg! len kali bole bbq lagi yea. :)

.Being lazy.

I knw, ramai org sukaa bermalas2an ni kot.rilex je an?lg2 bila x ya pkir study.wahhh..seronoknye duniaa.. :D

xde laa..Actually my semester break are same like previous.Sitting at home and doing nothin'

huh~ *pemalas kan?*haha..bkn ape.."saya mmg x penah nk try utk bekerja even once since part1 lg."eventho tasha my skulmates slalu je ajk I keje bila cuti sem strt. tp apekan daya..saya mmg x rs nk bekerja.senang cite x ready lg kot.hahaha.. knw what im doing at home..naaahh~

.Facebook all the time. Texting. Ym.

.Blogging if ade mood.

.Layan japanese & korean Movies n Dramas smpai x tdo.

.Main uno card n uno stacko. Tamagotchi. Psp.

.Tgk tv suda semestinyaa. cite si cantik & si buruk rupa kat tv3. cite ni best..everyday lain epsd.Dongeng n Fantasy life.ade pari-pari..hahaha..

If Im not going out.diz is my fav activities.

Uno Stacko!


UNO cards

"One Happy Family at home...."haha

Facebooking 24/7


Mmg x dpt faedah pn kan..hahaha..ini laa gaya hidup org menganggur d rumaah.ternak lemak everyday.kikiki..

SILA jgn follow org mcm ni yea.hihi