Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Loving the past. :)

OMG, is nearly year 2010.ohh. suda tua kah aku?hahaha...*ishh x de laah..tasha mude lagi.haha*Year 2009 suda semakin hampir menutup tirai my friends.Theres many memories dat i'ved treasured in year 2009 which hv lovely & bad memories.fuhh for The best memories i'll kept it foreva and the bad memories i'll let it gone..buat ape d kenang2 lg kan?hahaha..

As we knw yr 2009 draws to a close,is only abt 32hours la babe. I’ve decided to forego the usual ritual of a New Year’s resolution. I dun see the point in waiting until 2mrrw to do what u can do today, so I’ve never really been into dat tradition.
Mmg the last few yrs I x celeb pn new yr ni.Im celebrating the new yr infront of my lappy && x pn duk dpn tv saja..hahaha..Lps tu kuar ruma just nk tgk fireworks from bukit!

The Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us :)

I think new year is the hopes and the aspirations, new is the resolution and new are the spirits. Have a promising and fulfilling New Year.Sumpah banyak Memories diz yr okay.

Alright,Before the golden sun sets, 2009’s calendar is destroyed, and mobile networks get jammed, I wish in 2010 every moment is enjoyed
Instead, here is my New Year’s wish list - 10 things that I am hoping for New Year 2010.Which are ;

#1: I want to be a better person & get in touch to My Family, My Love, My Buddies, My Classmates,and other clicks from Germany(Katrin Rupert) & Japan (Nao Takayama)*Tasha & the family will alwys missing you*Bilaa lagi kamu mahu dtg Malaysia huh? hehehe...

#2: I resolve not to purchase items on an impulse. X moh boros2 sgt. Tasha kena berjimat cermat.hohoho. bolehkah? ;p

#3: I wish to grad on time. InsyaAllah. X saba mahu naik stage n hold my scroll. X)

#4: I resolve that, when asked how I know that last night was the full moon, I will tell the truth, that I saw it.wakakaka.. Okay ini tipuuu...hahaha

#5: I hope my relationship will last foreva.hohoho..*eceh..Gatal naa tasha ni..ishh! ;p* Okayy saya sayang awak! :)

Hmmm..okay, stakat ini saja my list.&& Another 5 list i'll update for nex post!hahaha..

okay chioww..~

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