Monday, November 30, 2009

Somethin Special.

I miss my school!

omg! the past few yrs i hv been studied in Mgskl.
miss myfriends. ofcos classmates :) *yes; you knw who you are*
miss teachers.Prefectorial Board,esp stdnt Affair depmnt!
Rindu nk duties..but Actually xde laa suke sgt ohh..i do really enjoyed doing all the duties dat responsible to me as Exco of Student Affairs. Diz is not really biggie hard duties.siape jd ank buah aku for sure never regret!hahaha..yelaa..aku prefect yg baik okay.
MGS is da best school.wuhuuu..i hv many treasured memories dat I cherish. I believe much of the confidence, maturity,wisdom and the personal developmnt I hv acquired over the yrs in the school.

And ofcos shud alwys cherish every moment we hv in MGS because we will never get these days back. And also alwys proud to call yourself "MGSian" okay and do everything u cn put Mgs on top of the world.huuu..~
So ppl, Take and live each moment u hv in Mgs as if it were your last and hold on to the memories for the rest of your life.
Nti ade mase, i'll visit my school! hoho...rinduu okayy.

Okay ppl MGSian, lets Sing bebeh.

Arise and sing
Sing and let your voices ring
With fervent vow and joyous song
We pledge to be ever true and strong

To work in love and harmony
with steadfast faith and loyalty
for youth for services we shout and hail
may truth and justice forever prevail

Onward onward MGS
from strenght to strength march on always
with uplift heart and untiring feet
March to the goal of light n grace.

*Waahh igt jgk aku lagu nii.* :)


white02 said...


Tasha said...

alaaa..biar laa white ni..
you pn mesti laa ade memories jgk kan dlu2 mase kat skola.hehe.

Anonymous said...

mmg every sem break aku AJAK kokeje..
ko je yg tanak..
btw,aku pn RINDU mgskl...
rindu gyle..